If an idea has been put to practical use every day for decades … it simply has to be good.

To ensure consistently high fried food quality, the frying oil has to be of lasting excellent quality as well. In the U.S., where the business of major restaurant chains is booming, this is one of the exacting demands that have to be met to ensure customer satisfaction, food safety compliance and cost effectiveness.

Magnesol Frying Oil Saver

Robert Dallas, the founder of the Dallas Group, partnered with the food industry to provide a solution for this situation. He developed Magnesol® and launched it into the market in 1973. Today, his sons Bob and Dave are at the helm of the Dallas Group.

The idea behind the product: Don’t just filter frying oil and fat – regenerate it. The top priorities were compliance with the stringent tolerability and safety levels required for use in the food industry. The innovation: Magnesol®.

In a technologically controlled process, Bob and Dave Dallas manufacture a white powder that has extraordinary frying oil and fat regeneration properties. The powder does not contain any crystalline silicate, is inert and has been certified as well as approved for food industry use by the FDA and USDA.

Magnesol® is the first product in the world that has the capability of filtering solid and dissolved components in the µm range in frying oil/fat and hence also to ensure the consistent reduction of the polar compounds (Total Polar Materials, TPM). This regenerative TPM reduction effect extends the useful life of frying media by well over 70 %, while it also ensures premium frying oil quality on a daily basis by controlling the TPM content.

Thanks to the fact that Magnesol®, a magnesium silicate based powder, also filters odors, off-flavors and discolorations, it does not only improve the food safety level, but also the sensory quality of the oil.

For more than 40 years, Magnesol® has helped users at restaurants, hotels and bakers regenerate their frying media to ensure consistently high quality levels in their frying processes.

Besides the benefits of cost effectiveness, the aspect of sustainability is also a significant factor to consider today – the use of Magnesol® multiplies the efficiency of using frying oil as a cooking commodity. Magnesol® – a product developed specifically for the demands of all kitchens serving fried foods.

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