Saving Tony – all you need to know about frying and frying oil.

Tony is a drop of oil, just like those you can find in any fryer. We are going to tell the story of Tony and his millions of colleagues, just the way it is, or could be, in thousands of different kitchens every day.

In hotels, restaurants, canteen kitchens, bakeries and anywhere else where frying takes place. This film is all about frying, or to be more precise, frying oil. And to be extremely precise, it’s about the regeneration of frying oil.

Everyone knows how chips are made: a fryer full of hot oil, throw in the raw chips, wait, take out the fried chips, and that’s it! But as simple as it looks, the frying process from raw potatoes to golden brown chips is actually a little more complex.

Frying oil is a foodstuff that degrades under heat and there are other factors and handling mistakes that can speed up the oil’s degeneration. On average, after 36 frying hours, or 3 – 4 days, the proportion of fat degrading substances is so high that the oil is classified as rancid and has to be disposed of.

Because every mouthful of fried food we consume also includes the frying oil itself, the quality of the oil is just as important as the quality of the food we are frying. Appearance, flavour, odour and digestibility all directly depend on the oil quality. If the oil isn’t good, your chips, shrimps, chicken nuggets or doughnuts won’t be good either.

Magnesol® is the first product worldwide which can regenerate frying oil. This fine powder filters micron-sized solid and dissolved fat-degrading particles and binds them into a compact filter-cake mass, which can then be disposed of. Every day, Magnesol®® reduces the polar compounds in the oil by almost exactly the same amount as they are produced during frying.

In practice, with Magnesol®, chefs keep their frying oil at a constantly high quality level. No unnecessary disposal after too short intervals and no high costs for fresh oil. That’s what we mean by simply satisfried.

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